As we move towards shorter hours of daylight, we look towards ways of highlighting our strengths, our skills and our resources.

We often rely on a sunny day to lift our mood, assuming that it’s this external force that cheers us, when actually it’s our reaction to the sunny day that makes the difference.

It is actually a choice, our own choice to spend time outside, perhaps meeting up with friends or enjoying reading a book in the garden that has created that moment of happiness.

The sunny day may have hinted possibilities to us, but we took them, we made a plan and we did something that nourished us, something that synthesised happiness.

It is easy to forget that we can create happiness for ourselves.

One of the simplest ways of doing this is to build resilience. Think of resilience as a muscle, we build it by creating space in our day to synthesise our own happiness.

I often think of the phrase ‘guilty pleasure’ with some confusion. When we use it, we are often referring to doing something that creates happiness but that we feel bad about placing value upon.

Do you have simple pleasures that you feel you should resist and you should do something more productive with your time instead?

Do these simple pleasures nourish you and create a feeling of wellbeing?If the answer is yes then make time in your life for them.

Do them with a smile on your face, you have chosen to value yourself and to synthesise some happiness for yourself.

Autumn is a time for change, we adapt to less light, we adapt to the colder temperatures and we adapt our ways of finding joy.

What will you choose to enrich your autumn days?

Would you like to try Solution Focused Hypnotherapy as a way of finding your route to happiness?

I’d genuinely love to help.

Laura Jane