Do you feel your drinking is getting out of control?
Are you drinking more than you would like?
When is that extra glass of wine a sign of a problem?
For some people, drinking a glass a night alone is too much and they want to curb this habit. For others the weekend of binge drinking is worrying them and they want to cut down.

For me, the niggling voice in my head had been there for longer than I care to admit. Having been a single mama for over 10 years, a glass or 2 of wine, more often than not led to a bottle, becoming my regular companion on an evening. A bad day was an excuse, a good day another excuse, a school night, or a weekend, there was always an excuse.

I did recognise that I had a problem, but couldn’t seem to, or perhaps, I didn’t want to do anything about it.

Hypnotherapy has helped me personally on my journey through life in so many ways. I’m absolutely less anxious, I’m definitely happier, but the most surprising indicator of its wonderful benefits, is the decision I made about a year ago to stop drinking. Maybe not forever, but for now I’m sober, and it feels great.

For me, sober is the new black.

I am loving life with a new found sense of inner freedom.

I have no doubt that the tools, the techniques and the mindset achieved through hypnotherapy inspired and supported me.

If this resonates for you, if you are worried by your drinking (or indeed other addictive behaviour), firstly believe that change can happen, and secondly get in touch, I’d absolutely love to help.

There really is so much more to life than just drinking.