Nobody likes them, many people hate them and they are the cause of major stress among young people. Unfortunately as the testing culture becomes more entrenched in schools, so the pressure of EXAMS becomes even greater,

And yes, it’s that time of year again! Exams are looming, and sadly for so many, that means exam stress rearing it’s ugly head. Even the most diligent and hardworking of students can be affected.

Whether it’s GCSE’s, A Levels, university exams or even SATS, exam stress is real and it is hard. Not only for the kids struggling with it, but also for parents trying to support them.

Pressure can come from school, parents and peers; however all to often the biggest pressure comes from the students themselves. Concerns over the fear of failure can lead to a feeling of being out of control, causing amongst other things irritability, insomnia, anxiety and sheer panic.

There is good news! It is possible to learn to overcome fears and anxiety, to build confidence, to feel comfortable in exam conditions and to succeed.

I use a combination of Solution Focused Psychotherapy (talking therapy) and relaxing hypnosis to work with a wide variety of performance anxieties.

Hypnotherapy is the perfect way to release stress and create new positive study habits.  Whilst there is no magic wand, I can help to break the negative thought patterns, to allow an individual to relax and take control of their emotional state, to remain focused, grow in confidence and perform at their very best.

Most importantly, I implore you to remember, that whilst exams are of course helpful to test our memory and ability to cope under pressure, they simply cannot measure a person’s common sense, their wonderful creativity or innate kindness! Life is genuinely about so much more than exam results.

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